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sundes2013 asked: Are you still open for request?

Yeah, sure, I’m always open. It just might take a while for me to fill them because I have to write some papers for uni (and work on certain wips, too). But people can always drop something in my box if they feel like it. (I’m also trying to fill one “commission” I got for the summer - might not be done before October, though). If it’s a huge request and not just a prompt for a ficlet/drabble I can’t make any promises, but I definitely will try. Pairings/Threesomes(?): KakaGai, InoSaku, KakaYamaGai, KakaObitoGai,  KisameGai (KisameGaiKakashi? Can it be done? Should it be done?), KakaIruGai, TunadeShizune, HiashiGai (because it would be awesome), SakumoDai, plus gen/friendship stuff for all the paired up characters here and Tenten (hm, maybe I could try my hand at NejiTentenLee?).


Kakashi and Gai | Beginning of Eternity


Kakashi and Gai | Beginning of Eternity

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Anonymous asked: you're a piece of shit

So? Tell me something I don’t know.

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Fic(let): To the Lost

The dose isn’t lethal.

Kakashi knows this because he’s used the small field medical kit he always carries in the pouch on his hip. Just as they taught him back at the academy, he took out one specially prepped q-tip and carefully swiped it over the scratch on his cheek. Then he watched the white tip slowly turn a light blue.  

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eternal rivals [4/?]

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